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Leather Bondage Gags

leather gag
leather gag
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Yup, these are the same gags you see in many popular bondage videos (don't give me that "I never watch porn" crap... I watch them too!). No one has been able to get that "just right" combination of firmness and "chewability" that we have been offering for over 20 years!

We made these for years for Bound and Gagged and KW Enterprises, and now you can recreate the same videos and photos you have seen all over the net. Oh, and if you want to share, we're only too happy to receive your pics!

These come in three sizes, all with a lockable strap, but the strap works fine without the use of a padlock. The standard is a nice comfortable mouthful, not that hard to deal with for a long time. The large will fill that opening with something to really keep you occupied. As for the huge? Well, all we have to say is "here piggy piggy piggy"!

Available in 3 sizes, the one pictured (large) is about 3 1/2" high and 4" wide. The standard is about 3" deep and 3" wide. The huge is about 4 1/2" wide and 4 1/2" deep. All feature a sewn on strap, double layers of leather on the face plate, and a chewy filling (egads - sounds like a new candy bar). Please remember that these are hand made, and the measurements are close, but will vary slightly.

Want big but not deep? Check our the "Stubby" Gag as well.

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Because of the multiple steps needed to make these, and the popularity of them,
it has become necessary for me to only make them in batches, and
only offer them for sale when in stock.

Please check back if the item you seek is not available.

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Any item intended for insertion in a body cavity (in this case gags) may not be returned due to health concerns.
Items are shipped in a sealed clear plastic bag.
Once that bag is opened it cannot be returned unless defective, and then only for exchange for the same item.

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