Returning Items

We have a very lenient warranty and exchange policy and we want you to be happy with your merchandise.

To return an item, please submit the following form. We will respond with an R/A (return authorization) number, and shipping instructions very quickly.

R/A requests for refund or exchange must be received within 30 days of the invoice date.

Where it says "please tell us what you would like us to do, and why you are returning", just let us know if you want a refund, an exchange for a different size, an exchange for a different item, etc. As for why you are returning, that is really only important if we messed up. If you simply don't want the item, that's fine. Our customers can always return, just because they want to. Just skip that if there is nothing wrong with the item, and the return is simply because you changed your mind.

For repairs of merchandise over 30 days old: If an item was made by us it carries a lifetime repair wrranty. Please complete the first 3 blocks, and then use the last block to tell us what the item is (if you have the item number or invoice date, that's great, but no worries), and what the problem is. We will get back to you with instructions.

Please enter your (full) name:

Please enter your zip code:

To be sure we are bringing up the right person. If your billing and shipping zip codes are different, please enter BOTH.

Please enter your email address:

Please check this carefully. We can't get you your R/A if it isn't right.

Please enter your invoice date:

This is near your total on your invoice, and must be within 30 days of today's date.


Please enter the item number(s) (from your invoice) that you wish to return


Please tell us what you would like us to do, and why you are returning

If there is more than one item, and you want them handled differently, please just

start with the inventory number, like:

Item 123:


Item 456:

Exchange for size large

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