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Slings seem to be a basic part of most playrooms and dungeons. To make sure
that you can find one that's right for your space, we offer 18 varities to
choose from. All are made with great care to see that they provide long
service. All are hand crafted, with hand set rivets or heavy stitching
(depending on if they are leather, nylon, or poly).
Please excuse some terrible photos on this page.
We lost our source material, and need
to retake many.

A-Frame Webbing Sling

Canvas and Nylon sling

Slings - Leather

Slings - nylon

Slings - poly
These are the same as our nylon slings above
but made of poly webbing at a
much lower price.

Leather stirrups for slings
with and without restraints

Nylon stirrups
Some tips on hanging a sling

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