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Scrappy's Leg Lasher

Scrappy's Leg Lasher
Scrappy's Leg Lasher Scrappy's Leg Lasher Scrappy's Leg Lasher Scrappy's Leg Lasher
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A new product, this one designed by one of my boys, Scrappy.

Easy to put on, very simple in construction (hence the great price point), and it really, really works!

It comes in two pieces. The first is nothing more than a simple webbing strap that goes around the ankles (it disappears, more or less, in the photos after the main piece is put on). That insures that an ambitious person can't manage to pull their heel out from the system. Wrap around the ankle, give a tug on the strap, and that's done.

The waist unit has a plastic side lock buckle. Easily adjustable, once the adjustment is made is will click in place on the same person without any further adjustment. The leg portion is looped around the back of the waist belt (it comes that way), and is pulled through the seat and up to go through the rapid adjusting straps in front. Two more tugs, and that's it, you're done! And you'll stay that way (assuming someone takes control of your hands), until a quick pull on the tabs on the straps frees you from one tough situation.

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