Privacy Statement

Leather Creations believes in your absolute privacy. Not only because of the nature of the products we sell, but because that is the way we believe the internet should function.

We do log the domain from which you are visiting our site, but only in terms of total number of hits from that domain, and only for our internal use in determining the best method to market our site. This information is released to no one.

As for our restriction of our mailing lists, and names...

We do not have a postal mailing list, so you can't be placed on one. Simply placing an order with us will not cause you to receive email. For those who sign up for our email list, we do not release your name to anyone for any reason. We do not sell nor share our lists. We do not allow even a statistical inquiry about our lists from anyone. We would fight a court order to release any names (although we never had to, and hope we never will). We even pay extra for a "Privacy liability rider" on our insurance policy.

About our packaging....

All our boxes are either plain brown boxes, or post office supplied Priority Mail boxes. Our return address is listed on everything as "Creations" with our address. There is never a notice of "sexually oriented material" on any packaging or mailing (because, quite frankly, it isn't, under postal code).

And some other stuff...

We request telephone numbers with orders, but they are only used in the event of a problem with the order, and our people are trained in discretion, which is why we sometimes are more than a little vague until we are sure with whom we are conversing if we call. Your phone number will also be provided to our shipping company if and only if your order should be lost by them. They require your phone number to track and pay for your insured shipment. We never tell them the contents of the package. They are told the contents are "leather findings". A term used by the US customs to indicate leather products of "unspecified composition", a universally recognized term.

We do place cookies on your computer, but only for one reason: We use cookies to point to your order on our server, as you enter items in your cart. They serve no other purpose. We make no attempt to read any other cookies on your computer. We use no cookies to determine if you have visited us before (except if you have started a shopping cart). We place no executable programs, nor scripts on your computer. In other words, we figure that if you are decent enough to visit us, we should at least have the courtesy to let you do so in private!

Credit card numbers. We store your credit card on our secure server only until we pick up your order. This is, at the latest, the start of the working day after you place your order. Even though our server is secure, and your credit card is stored outside of the publicly accessible web space, we still delete your credit card numbers immediately after retrieving your order. Your credit card is then stored on our invoicing computer here. This computer is the only computer in our network that does not have an internet connection. It only connects to our internal network two times a day, to update the order tracking system. This happens for about 30 seconds, and at irregular times. Just a further step we take to preserve your privacy, and your shopping security.

We even go so far as to have an arrangement with our computer hardware vendor that any repairs done to our invoicing computer are done immediately, directly in front of one of our staff, to insure that there is no unauthorized viewing of our files. When we upgraded that system, we used a sledge hammer to destroy the hard drive (which greatly amused a couple of passers by).

In short, we want you to feel absolutely secure in the fact that we respect your privacy, and value the trust you place in us by visiting our site and shopping with us.