Freight Policies

Within the United States:

We don't want to bury you under a pile of charts and columns, but we don't think that freight should be a profit item either, but let's face it, freight is an expense, and we think it is more honest to charge you our actual costs than to hide it in the cost of the items and then offer "free" freight.

FIRST - We ship by the postal service or FedEx, and select the least expensive method for you. If you prefer one over the other, just say so in your comments box. Shipments to PO boxes are, obviously, via the mail.

TRACKING: Our computers are linked to FedEx, and FedEx will provide you with a tracking number and a tracking link via e-mail to the e-mail address you supplied when you placed your order. We utilize an electronic shipment method for the post office, and all shipments have e-delivery confirmation. If your postal package is shipped by Priority Mail (most are) you will receive a tracking number in an email from us. If by another service you will still receive confirmation, and the delivery confirmation number.

INSURANCE: We insure all USPS shipments with our own private insurance contract. We handle all claims. Claims are rare, but if yours is lost or damaged, we handle everything, and you only need to sign a form stating that the package was lost/damaged. Once your claim is finalized, we ship new merchandise, or refund - your choice. The postal service has a manditory waiting period before a claim can be filed. Again, while claims are rare (we average less than one per year), we cannot control this waiting period.

SIGNATURE ON DELIVERY: We do not require a signature on delivery, but at the same time, we cannot waive it if the post office or FedEx requires it where you live. If you want us to require a signature on delivery, please say so in your comments box. Both the post office and FedEx charge for required signature, and we must pass those charges on to you if you request the service.

Here is how insurance breaks down:

          Theirs                 Ours      
Up To $50.00 Free Free
$50.01 - $100.00 $2.75 $1.00
$100.01 - $200.00 $3.50 $2.00
$200.01 - $300.00 $4.60 $3.00
Each Additional $100.00 $1.35
(varies slightly)

There is a limit of $2000 per package. Any shipments containing a value of greater than $2000 will be broken down to sufficient boxes to allow each to contain $2000 or less in value.

Here are the charges for signature and other special services. If you really want one of these, just use your comments box to ask for them. The charges will be added to your bill.

Service requested FedEx Fee
Signature required on delivery $3.50 per box
Adult signature required on delivery $4.50 per box
Saturday delivery
Available if your package shipped
next day or second day air only

FedEx ground provides delivery to residences
6 days a week at no additional charge.

$12.50 per box
Service requested USPS Fee
Signature required on delivery $3.00 per box
Adult signature required on delivery $5.75 per box

ABOUT YOUR ESTIMATED FREIGHT: We have used a simple freight calculation based on the dollar value of your order. It is usually fairly accurate. If your order is unusually heavy for its value, then the estimate will be too low. For example if you order 50 hitching rings and nothing else, the estimate will be about 25% too low. Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact freight amount through the shopping cart, as leather is a natural product, and weights vary each time a product is made. If you would like an exact shipping charge before paying just say so in your comments box and we will be glad to respond with the exact amount. You would be free to cancel if you so desire.

YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS: Please be sure you have a valid shipping address when you place an order. Once you are sure, please double check. Unfortunately, customers are so used to typing their address that they sometimes miss small things like 206 instead of 602. The real problem is that FedEx will charge you $12.00 for an address correction, which will appear as a second charge on your order. We don't care to line FedEx's pockets with your money. The post office is pretty good about it, but they can, if they so desire, return it to us as undeliverable. If that is due to your error, we regret that a second full shipping charge would apply, or, at your choice, we can cancel the order and refund the merchandise costs (except custom merchandise).

Foreign customers please continue reading.

Customers outside of the United States:

We will ship by a number of methods, postal and FedEx. You will get to select which one you prefer after you receive an e-mail from us with your freight quote. We will do this as soon as your order is ready to ship, or in advance if it is custom merchandise. Please read that e-mail carefully, as it has a lot of important information. Unfortunately, the new US postal regulations have done away with any type of surface transport. Therefore, you must choose from the various air charges we will provide. We do not usually quote FedEx, as it is very expensive (figure about 3 times EMS rates), if you would like to consider that service, let us know, and we will quote it.

We will not ship your order until you respond to that e-mail, and indicate your preference. If you find that the cost for shipping is too expensive, you may simply respond with a request to cancel the order, and nothing will be charged to your card.

Customs Policies:

Due to export or import restrictions, we are unable to ship in an unlimited manner to the following countries:
Canada over $1,200.00 (US) within 30 days
Italy - any leather product
We additionally do not ship anything to these countries .

We make every effort to insure that your shipment is packed and identified in such a way as to arouse the least suspicion on the part of customs employees (including removing all price and identification tags, and sending your real invoice via email). It is your responsibility, however, to be sure that an item you order is allowed in your country. If an item is seized by your customs authorities, it is not our responsibility to get it released. If your package is returned to us, we will gladly refund the cost of the merchandise, but we cannot refund the freight charges, including return freight, if we have to pay for it. If the items are not returned, we cannot refund any part of your payment.

All packages must be customs declared for the full value of the shipment. This is US law, and we cannot risk our business by breaking this law. Additionally all shipments must be insured to their full value. This is credit card regulations. Your quote will include insurance. Any duties that may be added by your country is additional and payable on arrival to your customs department.

Thank you!