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Bondage Suspension Harness

Suspension Harness
Suspension Harness Suspension Harness
Suspension Harness Suspension Harness
Suspension Harness
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A video showing the comfort and ease of movment in the harness, all the while remaining helpless.

Finally, full body suspension without the $500 price point! This bondage webbing suspension harness will suspend you comfortably and all you need is a couple of inches off the ground!

A lot of time and thought went into designing this so that the unit will fit most anyone, and still keep all the parts aligned. We came up with a system of keeping the ankle, calf and thigh restraints securely in bondage with Velcro. Place them precisely where they fit the user. The wrist, calf and bicep restraints are integral to the waist and two chest straps. They, too, can be placed in numerous positions up and down the body, and they slide into position on the body straps so anyone from thin to broad will have their arms securely in bondage by their side. A series of buckles adjust up and down to extend and retract the leg supports so that it will line up on just about any height. Even the hanging straps are adjustable in length so you can reach a close suspension point, or one higher up. There is so much adjustment and so many great points of restraint that there are 85 feet of webbing in this device!

This has been tested on people of widely varying heights (almost a foot in difference from the shortest to the tallest), and it aligned perfectly on each person. We've gone from 5'4" to 6'2" and all were comfortable and secure.

The unit also allows for movement, and the legs do not have to remain in a rigid and upright position. Check out the video a little further down to see.

Lastly a word about safety. We have selected the highest quality materials to make this, and utilize the utmost care in assembly. At the same time, even the world's safest device can be used incorrectly. Never, never attach the head in any way to anything while using this device. Never hang someone higher than they can possibly fall without hurting themselves (if you're blindfolded 1" feels the same as one mile). Never leave someone alone while using the harness. Safe play is all about safe rules. Safe rules do not have to limit fun or intense play. Use your head for more than a place to hold your cover - we want you around for a long time!

So here's your chance to get one of the most elaborate, restraining, fun and inexpensive bondage suspension harness made - and at a discount! Think of all the great things you can do to your more than willing subject while he hangs helpless!

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A word about the less than perfect photos and video. It was late when we started taking the photos, and while we have a great outdoor place for suspension, it was way too late to use it. Scheduling made it impossible for us to get photos again in the near future, so for now we are stuck with these, done in our workshop. We will get to better ones ASAP.

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