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Webbing Restraints

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The Leather Creations Line of
Webbing Restraints

Many of you may wonder why, when leather is the first word in our name, we offer such a wide selection of webbing. The answer is twofold. First, webbing is much less expensive than leather, and leather is going up in price constantly. We realize not everyone, including us, has tons of bucks to spend. Webbing gives you the control you want without the price. Secondly, there are many pieces that cannot be reasonably made from leather as it is simply too bulky for some of the unique designs we have created for you.

Enjoy this full selection culled from the various departments on our site.

Suspension Harness

Modular Bed Bondage System

Full Body Webbing Harness Restraint

Heavy Duty "Dave's" Bed Bonds

Heavy Duty "Dave's" Bed Bonds
Made of Poly webbing at half the
price of the items above!

Slings - nylon

Slings - poly
These are the same as our nylon slings above
but made of poly webbing at a
much lower price.

A-Frame Webbing Sling # 835 - $89.95  

Canvas and Nylon
'hang any way' sling #110 - $94.00  

Canvas and Nylon sling #883 - $93.00  

Nylon and Velcro wrist
or ankle restraints

 Three-piece Bed Bonds

Bed Cross Rack #829

6 foot nylon bondage strap - #486 - $8.75  

Velcro Wrist Restraints

Nylon Wrist Loop Restraints

Nylon Wrist Or
Ankle Restraints

Door Restraint System #1641 - $16.95  

Nylon stirrups #215 - $10.00  

Cotton Straps

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