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VAT tax for UK customers

Current UK law now requires sellers based in other countries to collect and remit 20% VAT tax on all orders under 135. This is based on the total order, and not on individual items. Orders over 135 are collected at point of import.

Because of this two priced sceme it is impossible for us to list VAT inclusive prices. If an item is $50 the VAT is collected by us, if you buy three of them, then by the UK. So you can see it is impossible to know which category you will fall under while browsing.

As we would then be required to file and collect, and report the sales to the UK, which is a huge burden for a small firm, ee are left with only one alternative, and that is to use a different company to collect and process our under 150 orders. As we have had a relationship with Etsy, all sales under EU will be processed through them. This is the way it works...

When you place an order that totals under 135, we will first write to you with the shipping charges. If they are satisfactory then we will send you a private link to a page on Etsy made solely for you. It will have the same order, and the same shipping, but it will include the VAT automatically (Etsy handles this). You then can complete the sale by simply checking out through Etsy. We will ship directly to you, Etsy will remit the VAT, take their fees, and pay us. During check out with us, simply select PayPal payment, as that way you will not need to enter your credit card details. Etsy is where you will enter your credit card.

Does this sound confusing and rather absurd? Yes, but it isn't our idea, it is the UK's idea, and if we don't comply your package will probably be returned undelivered. Hopefully the UK will see the absurdity of this and put in place a new law much as the individual states in the USA have. If I sell to a different state I do not have to collect sales tax unless I sell over $20,000 a year to that state. We only have to collect for Florida, where we are located.

Again, this only applies to orders under 135 in total (not individual items). Orders over 135 will be handled by us directly as they always have, and VAT is collected on delivery.

My apologies for the inconvenience, and my thanks!

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