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Scrappy's Gibbet or full body restraint

Scrappy's full body restraint
Scrappy's full body restraint Scrappy's full body restraint Scrappy's full body restraint Scrappy's full body restraint Scrappy's full body restraint Scrappy's full body restraint
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A full body restraint system, much like a gibbet, custom made to measure! Where to start on this new design by my boy Scrappy? It started life as a way to increase intensity in a sleep sack. Realizing that not everyone has a sleep sack it was tried as a stand alone item. Then the hands could get loose and open the straps, so a very simple, and totally effective wrist restraint (removable) was added. The end result is this extremely comfortable yet totally immobilizing restraining system.

This is a totally custom piece. It doesn't have to be (I'll explain later), but it comes made to your measurements for this price. So why doesn't it fit the model exactly right? Because it wasn't custom designed for him. Scrappy and I will rectify that and I'll get some new photos, but I wanted to get this listing up now, not next week.

It features:

Strong, fully 2" wide webbing at all points (except the neck is 1 1/2" and super soft, so as not to choke or chafe)
Quick tighten and release system. Bound down in seconds, released just as quickly
Hook and loop fastening at the neck so there is no buckle
Removable hook and loop wrist restraints
Full length back strap and double layer side straps
Six around the body straps that are attached to the back strap and slide through the side straps
Six D rings on each side to attach to a bed or board
Two D rings on both the top and bottom
All D rings are oriented horizontally, despite the greatly increased time to make, so the unit doesn't twist uncomfortably when tied down

As I said, this is, or can be, made to your measure at no additional charge. It also comes as a generic fit for someone 5'11" and if you want it for multiple partners that might be your choice instead. Measuring is simple, just take a look at the measurement instructions to see what you need to do. The body straps are amply sized to fit just about anyone, and can be altered to lengthen them if you are in the plus plus size category. Please send me a message if you think that might be a need.

So get ready to settle in for a pleasant afternoon, or an enforced all night rest with Scrappy's Full Body Restraint!

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