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Please rember that many of our hood are custom made. All custom made products will be charged a 50% deposit when we start cutting the leather. The balance, plus freight, is charged on the day we ship.

Select the item to see full size photos with prices and descriptions.

We have added a chart of available openings and options, please click here to see how you can customize your hood. This page also has important sizing information!

As there is much information for each of these hoods, please simply click on the hood that interests you for further information.

The Leather Creations line of hoods

The Punishment Hood
The Ultra Side Lace Inflatable Hood
The Ultra-Padded Locking Hood
Perforated Hood
Double/Double Hood

Ultra Padded Inflatable Hood
Ultra padded standard hood
Snug Hood
Our snug hood, our lined snug hood
and our rubber lined snug hood,
all based on the same style.
"Cigar" Hood
Executioner's Hood (2)
Collar option for snug hoods

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The Bargain Leather Gear Line Hoods

What is Bargain Leather Gear? Click this link to learn more

Ultra Padded Rip Off
Important information
Please click "More info."

Pup Hood
Important information
Please click "More info."

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