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Convertible belt that becomes wrist restraints!

Convertible belt that becomes wrist restraints!

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This is one very handy, and very flexible design! Worn as a belt, it doesn't look like anything other than a belt with a unique design. I have worn it around town, and watched to see if people even notice. Nope, not a one. However, take it off, loop the end back and forth between the two rings, and you can buckle it in place to make a very secure pair of handcuffs. Slip a lock through the locking tongue (I always carry a lock around... don't you?), and I can promise it is on until you take it off.

This can be also used on the forearms, behind the back, to pin the person's arms. It can even be used as ankle restraints!

The belt itself is 1 1/4" in width, but because of the rings, it does require a jean style belt loop, it will not fit in the loops of chinos or dress pants.

The basic belt will fit up to an actual 38" waist. PLEASE measure over your jeans to see if this is long enough! Jean makers lie to us to make us feel good, and then, of course, the thickness of the jeans adds additional length. You will be surprised how much bigger a measurement you get compared to your jean size. We started with this length, as we felt it was the smallest that would work well. Need more size? Just add additional inches to your order (in the boxes below), and we will make it up to the size you need. Need a 44"? Order the belt, and 6 additional inches. Understand, the larger the belt, the more left over strap will be hanging once you buckle it on someone. Don't think he'll care though. His mind will probably be on other things!

So now you will never be saying to yourself again - "Damn, if I only had something to tie him up with on me!"

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