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Custom locking bondage strap

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We offer 4 styles of bondage straps:
Locking 1 1/2" wide This page
NON-locking 1 1/2" wide HERE
Locking 2" wide HERE
NON-locking 2" wide HERE

Here is the chance to get the heavy bondage strap (or you might prefer to call it a bondage belt) you need for precisely the purpose you want.

This isn't those low end pleather things you find on mass market sites like Amazon, this is the same heavy duty 1 1/2" wide latigo leather we use on our Hog Tie Bondage Strap Set .

We will make this up in any size you want. You have to remember that this is leather, and leather comes from cows, and cows aren't the size of a tractor trailer. Usually anything up to 6 feet is a piece of cake. We often have even up to 7, and on the rare occasion we have hit 8. If you order something that is bigger than the biggest hide we have around, we will let you know, as well as when (and if) our tannery can supply the size hide necessary.

We have altered the design on these slightly, moving the post a little further from the buckle than when we took the original pictures. We will replace all the photos soon, but for now you can see the new arrangement by clicking on the last thumbnail on the right.

You can order up to 20 belts using this page. If you are ordering more, there is a space below to enter your email address to request a custom order (no obligation, of course).

Decide how many belts you want, and the lengths. In the first row, enter the total number of belts, as you will need one buckle assembly for each.

Next, specify the length for each belt, using the next 20 boxes. Obviously, if you only want one, you only need to use the first and second box, but you can order up to 20 different sizes if you wish, or up to 20 all the same. You must (because our shopping cart won't let us do it another way), put only one belt on a line. Therefore if you want, say, 20 48" belts, you must enter 48 in each of the 20 boxes.

The cart will track each belt length separately, and transmit the information to us.

The minimum size is 15". There is no maximum, as long as we have a big enough hide.

We punch the whole thing with holes every inch, so you can use it up real tight, or all the way to within 1 inch of the end.

The locking post does not have to have a lock put in it in order for it to work. It works just fine with just the buckle. When you use the locking post, it attaches to the hole 4" past the hole in the buckle. Therefore your belt will come 4" longer than the size you order, so it will lock at the size you want.

The padlocks pictured are not included.

So now is the time to properly rig up that bondage chair, bed post, spanking stool or whatever with the size bondage strap you need!

Select all you wish to order, indicating quantities, then press add to cart
Enter Quantity Stock Number Description Price

#664 The buckle and assembly - Enter the total number of belts you wish to order here $14.50  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt one $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt two $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt three $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt four $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt five $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt six $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt seven $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt eight $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt nine $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt ten $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt eleven $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt twelve $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt thirteen $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt fourteen $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt fifteen $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt sixteen $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt seventeen $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt eighteen $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt ninteen $.32  

#580 Each inch of belt for belt twenty $.32  

Because these are made up only for you, your card will be charged before we start making these. They will then ship the same day, or the following day.

Need more than 20? Start a custom order request by entering your email in the box below. Your email will be used for no other reason!

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