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Ass Lock Cock Ring


The Anal Intrder

Ass lock cock ring and ass ball

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Lots of possibilities for this chrome plated cock ring assembly.

The ring fits over your cock and balls, like any other. The rigid bar, with the 1" ball at the end, is placed up the ass.

Once in place, all settles in, and you have one very great sensation. Just use a touch of lube, just barely enough to get it in. That way it will stay nicely locked in place by your ass. But wait! That's not all that can happen. Lie down on your stomach, and the pressure on the ring causes pressure backwards on the ass hole, stretching your ass wider open. Just hump the mattress a little, it it is quite a lot like being fucked. How do I know that? MYOFB (smile!)!

You the top? Push down on the small of his back while he is lying there... hard. You should hear some noises quite quickly as his ass gets stretched a little more by that bar and ball than he would by himself.

Comes in three cock ring sizes, just pick your favorite!

The price? A lot less than you'll see elsewhere!

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1 1/2" ring #128

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1 3/4" ring #133

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2" ring #136

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